Ocean to prairies. Adventure to contemplation. Thought to action. Trista Shay is inspired by what it means to be alive, and delicately balances the dream of reality and the reality of dreams. She crafts music that is soft to the ear, yet lyrically sharp. Trista Shay weaves her tales into songs that invoke the vocal rawness of Dermot Kennedy, soft ambiance of Lucy Rose, and the lyrical musicality of Ben Howard. 

In the 2019 Demo release of her first song, “If Only”, Trista showcases the depth of her lyrical capabilities and her ability to draw people in with raw anticipation. Her songwriting capability demonstrates a sophistication beyond her years as she conjures images of hope and loss.

“I believe music offers a mirror in which we can look at our own lives,” reflects Trista. “There are things that bring out the darkness and light respectively, and it is up to us to make something beautiful with it.”

Audiences at the Trout Forest Music Festival, the I Am Festival, momondays Winnipeg and several house concerts and shows in the province, have relished in Trista Shay’s unique vocals, strong songwriting capability, and conveyance of emotion. It is a unique and beautiful journey to watch Trista Shay’s music unfold and demonstrate a wide range of all that is.